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March 16th, 2009

Kim spoke with her birth Mother for the first time.  The stars must have been in alignment, as Kim was able to speak with her Mother and two of her sisters, who were also present.  This reunion was made through the efforts of Ken (Kims' husband)  and Pete (a friend of Kens') searching through the Ancestry web site, as well as other online sources.  With just a 1953 hand written letter from Donna Lee (Kims' birth Mother) that included several clues, and the on-line research tools, they were able to locate several possible family members.  The real break in narrowing down and identifying those members that had 99% certainty came from a 2004 obituary for Jania Lynn Simmons.  This information allowed the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to fit into place now the mother, step father, and added the sister (Sandy) mentioned on the 1953 letter.  They now had a more recent location to continue the search.  The obituary also included the names of additional siblings of Kim's, (Jania Lynn Simmons, Andrea and Richard).  Through the directory assistance, using this new information, Ken was able to locate the phone number of Andrea and her husband, Homer.  On the afternoon of March 16th, Ken made a call to their home and was able to speak with Homer (aka Lee).  During the brief conversation with Lee, it was explained that Ken and Kim were doing a family search and that they had reasons to believe that Donna Lee was the mother of Andrea, and felt Kim might be the adopted child of Donna Lee.  Lee confirmed that Donna Lee actually lived near them.  Without trying to push too hard, Ken and Kim excitedly left phone numbers and other contact information with Lee to pass on to Andrea and hopefully Donna Lee.  Within 45 minutes they received a call from Sandy and Donna Lee with Andrea convalescing in the background.

Family Reunion

Family Reunion time again.  Refer to Julies email of this month.