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Santiago Family Reunion

Hello All Santiago's and Families!    We have a spot at Vasona on Saturday 9-5-09 in the Lakeview Picnic Area.  This area is shaded by trees and should be wonderful this time of year.    More info will follow in the coming months....    Thanks!!      Julie

Family Tree

I'm trying to get a collection of information together to compile a complete family tree.  I would like as thorough of ancestry as possible. As there are several marriages and divorces in the history, I expect that it will be an interesting experiment in "Six Degrees of Separation" to include all of the family including those that are only related by marriage.  I don't know the best way to handle this yet, so all ideas are of interest.  Ancestry dot com has an on-line version, but not everyone has a computer/internet, so the "Living project" may be a hybrid of online and printed page.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts.